The Services We Provide

Agency Advocacy

Having difficulty settling a dispute with a Government Agency or Local Government Council?

We can assist with advocacy services to resolve the issue. 

Couple Mediation & Family Conflict Resolution

As much as we care for our significant other and family members,  reaching agreement on family matters can sometimes be difficult. 

We can assist you to resolve your differences and reach agreement on matter important to you . 

Workplace Disputes

We spend a significant time in the work place. When a working relationship with a colleague or your supervisor is in turmoil we can assist you to resolve the issues.

Our mediation service can be organised within the workplace or online. 

Neighbour Disputes

A neighbourhood dispute can arise very quickly and affect enjoyment within your home.


Reasons can range from a noisy lawnmower, to complaints about the placement of garbage bins, to a tree causing damage.

Whatever the dispute we can assist you and the neighbour to come to an amicable resolution to the issue.

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